What We Do

We will determine your home’s needs, verify & secure rebates, and install the desired improvements in your home.

Energy Audits and Efficiency Retrofit Plan

An audit is a professional analysis of a home’s existing condition relative to energy usage and health and safety factors.  A retrofit plan is developed that will specify what improvements are beneficial and how to implement them.

Secure Rebates & Financing

Home Performance with Energy Star® incentives are so good that often there is no out of pocket expense to homeowners. Before we install improvements we secure these for homeowners, we’ve been at this for years and know the process well, we take care of all of the state paperwork so our clients can sit back and relax.

Install Efficiency Improvements

With a well thought out plan, rebates and financing in place we move forward with our expert team to retrofit your home with improvements.The air sealing, insulation will stop your home from losing energy and your ENERGY STAR rated efficient equipment that we install will run more efficiently as well.

Buying a home?

We can do pre-purchase assessments to let you know if a property is efficient and comfortable.

Selling a home?

After improvements, we can list and sell your home highlighting it’s efficiency and comfort, a very desirable attribute.


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